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Моделирование нестационарного полярного ветра в условиях магнитосферной конвекции
Time-depended hydrodynamic model TUBE 7 is used for modeling of field-aligned motions and temperature of polar ionosphere ions taking into account magnetosphere convection. It was shown tube geometryExpand
Колебательно-возбужденный молекулярный азот в ионосферной плазме
The mathematical model for research of the non-stationary processes proceeding in ionosphere and plasmasphere of Earth is presented. This model allows to investigate dynamics of interaction chargedExpand
3D-моделирование экваториального F-рассеяния: сравнение моделей mi3 и Sami3
Group of scientists of the Immanuil Kant Baltic Federal University (I. Kant BFU) in 1989 developed a three-dimensional code to study equatorial F‑spread (EFS) studying. The Naval Research LaboratoryExpand
Результаты моделирования неустойчивостей экваториального F-слоя ионосферы
The results of numerical experiments of the dynamic ionospheric bubbles in the equatorial F-region are described. Generation bubbles by gravitational waves is investigated. A trigger mechanism ofExpand