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In this article theoretical basics of application of the factorial analysis in empirical pedagogical researches at elementary school when using modern educational technologies in the course of their(More)
The problem of training to mathematics in modern life gets the increasing meaning(importance). It is explained first of all, rough development of a mathematical science and penetration her(it) in(More)
The article deals with current issues of practical use of various non-traditional technologies in the learning process. The basic psychological factors encountered in the practice of teachers. The(More)
When choosing this or that teaching methods must be primarily committed to productive results. In this case, the student is required to not only understand, remember and reproduce the acquired(More)
At the present stage of development of comprehensive school the great value gets search of ways of perfection of the maintenance of formation, reduction in conformity to it of methods, receptions and(More)
When the orientation of the modern school on multiple personality of the child must be a harmonious blend of educational activities with creative associated with the development of individual(More)
Massage is an effective means of preventing sports injuries in general and athletics in particular. Massage – is a powerful recovery tool widely used in athletics sports injuries. From the study data(More)
Didactic reasons of stimulation of junior schoolchildren’ cognitive activity in process of Math learning are considered in this work.
Relevance and importance of this work lies in the fact that the schools introducing innovative forms and methods of training or their elements in the learning process, provide better knowledge of(More)
The aim of our research – to give some psychological and pedagogical rationale for the use of individualized approach in elementary school, to show how to apply individualized learning in the primary(More)