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Method of determining physical characteristics of loess soil
FIELD: physics. SUBSTANCE: wind action on soil particles is determined based on the wind diagram in the region of the territory for sampling the soil. Soil particles are then selected by drilling atExpand
Мутации в гене-супрессоре ТР53 и их связь с особенностями клинического течения рака молочной железы
The frequency of TP53 supressor gene mutations at exons 5,7 and 8 in tumor tissue of 60 patients with breast cancer was assessed using PCR-SSCP-analysis. The frequency of mutations was 61.7% (37/60)Expand
Поиск методологических основ создания классификатора для ускорения распознавания лиц
In article it is shown that when used in the task of face recognition anthropometric parameters, there is the prospect of typing, and, consequently, a semantic interpretation of the analyzed image.
Исследование условий возникновения эолова микрорельефа
The possibilities of numerical modeling of the motion of hydrodynamic flows around objects of complex shape allow us to consider the results of calculations as one of the ways to understand theExpand
Model of the windward slope formation of the eolian relief form
The model for establishing the windward slope upon exposure to the air flow is based on the analysis of the state of the layer composed of sandy incoherent particles. It is assumed that the windExpand