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Острый панкреатит как медикосоциальная проблема в структуре ургентной абдоминальной хирургической патологии
In the article the authors conduct the comparison testing of confront with parameters of All-Russian statistics and according of urgent surgery of Tula region
Оптимизация методов лечения эндотоксикоза у больных острым панкреатитом
High effectiveness of complex, phasic therapy of endotoxicosis at patients with acute pancreatitis with using the method of vein and venous hemodia-filtration is considered, safety of this method is marked and absence of negative influence upon central hemodynamics indices is marked. Expand
Современная профилактика гнойных осложнений панкреонекроза
The combined regimen proved to be effective in antibiotic prophylaxis of pyo-septic complications of pancreat onecrosis and the decrease of total lethality due to pancreatonecrosis. Expand
Травматический закрытый разрыв диафрагмы трудный клинический диагноз (случай из практики)
It is established that the diaphragmatic break combined with multiple fractures of costae, craniocerebral injury, pelvis fractures in 50% patients and the diagnostics was untimely, and new equipment is introduced, namely the videoscopic method as the least traumatic and the most reliable in comparison with traditional methods. Expand
Гигантские послеоперационные вентральные грыжи, осложненные острой кишечной непроходимостью, сложный вопрос ургентной хирургии и пути его решения (случай из практики)
The original method of herniorrhaphy in association with nasointestinal intubation and intraoperative decompression of small intestine, in combination with the lavage in the early postoperative period can be considered an effective way of treatment. Expand