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Ингибиторы рецепторов лейкотриенов в терапии бронхиальной астмы у детей
Leukotriene receptor inhibitors are known to be a relatively new class of nonsteroidal-series anti-asthmatic drugs possessing a pronounced anti-inflammatory action at the expense of inhibiting theExpand
Топические ингибиторы кальциневрина при атопическом дерматите у детей
The review presents the modern data relative to the results of using of pimecrolimus 1% cream the topical inhibitor of calcineurin. The high effectiveness and safety of the medicine in the treatmentExpand
Острый тонзиллофарингит. Рациональный выбор фармакотерапии
The authors analyzed etiological factors and special issues of diagnostics of inflammatory diseases of the pharynx associated with pain in children. According to etiological factorsExpand
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Особенности лечения тяжелой формы атопического дерматита у детей
The article analyzes modern data on risk factors of severe course of atopic dermatitis in children: the role of alimentary and inhalant allergens, cutaneous infections, allergic reactions to drugsExpand
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