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Патогенетические подходы к терапии офтальмопатологии с нарушениями гемоперфузии переднего сегмента глаза
Pathogenetic principles for management of the anterior eye segment hemoperfusion disturbances were developed in certain eye pathologies such as myopia, senile cataract, primary open-angle glaucoma,Expand
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Исследование вазотропных свойств некоторых офтальмологических препаратов при миопии
The study was devoted to estimation of vasotropic properties of two drugs used in ophthalmologic practice for myopic patients: of а-adrenomimetic irifrin and carbonic anhydraze inhibitor dorzolomide.Expand
Комбинированное лечение (лазерное и ферментативное) послеоперационного гемофтальма
The study was devoted to laser and enzymotherapy combination treatment results in postoperative hemophthalmos as a complication after surgery for cataract and glaucoma. The essence of the proposedExpand