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Трудовая теория стоимости и теория предельной полезности важнейшие направления в современной экономической науке
The article continues a series of publications, initiated in the first issue of “Vestnik RMAT” 2012. It analyzes the two most important theories in modern economics: labour theory of costs and the
Джон Мейнард кейнс: его вкладв экономическую науку
This article continues a series of materials that started in the first issue of the present bulletin.Now, one of economic theory’s leading directions, Keynesianism, is closely analyzed. In
Теоретические основы реальногосоциализма в xx столетии и в наше время
This article continues the series which was started in the first issue of «Vestnik RIAT» in2012. This article consideres the theoretical aspects of real socialism in the twentieth cen-tury and in our
Экономика туризма УДК 338. 24 В. М. Козырев
The article is an attempt to put a number of actual questions about the new long-term national economic strategy in Russia and to form answers according the main idea to make a conclusion of
Основные концепции в современной экономической теории
The article discusses four major trends in modern economic theory: neoclassical, Keynesian, socialist, institutional and sociological. We analyze the nature of these areas, their positive or negative
Зарождение и эволюциясоциалистических идей до XX столетия
This article continues the serie of publications, which was launched in the first issue of«Vestnik RIAT» in 2012.Now one of the leading trends in modern economics socialism -is to be considered. In
Узловые проблемы народонаселения в современной России
The article presents the modern economical problems in Russia, how it affects population and explores the possible consequences.