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Опасный вредитель эвкалиптов - усач Phoracantha semipunctata Fabricius, 1775 (col. : Cerambycidae) и его подавление в результате эцезиса и интродукции яйцееда Oobius longoi (siscaro,1992) (hym. :
The article contains the informaition of eucalypti pests, that have been penetrated from Australia into other regions of the world, about their biological suppression. Special attention is paid toExpand
Успешная интродукция в Россию паразита непарного шелкопряда - ооэнциртуса Ooencyrtus kuvanae (How. )
Successful acclimatization of Ooencyrtus kuvanae (How.) gypsy moth's oophagous, introduced by O. Volkov from North Korea in 1987 is registered. 21 years after the first releases, O.k. has been foundExpand