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Цитокины и биоритмы
This review contains information about diurnal and other rhythms of spontaneous and mitogen-induced production of cytokines in man and experimental animals under normal and pathological conditions.Expand
Продукция цитокинов клетками лимфоидных органов мышей под влиянием введения интерлейкина-2 в разное время суток
The effects of various daily regimens of IL-2 injection on cytokines production by mouse thymocytes and splenocytes are investigated. We have found, that the morning injection of IL-2 changes dailyExpand
Морфологическое исследование почек и селезенки у мышей с иммунокомплексным гломерулонефритом, интактных и на фоне иммуносупрессивной терапии
Immunocorrective effect of the derivative of in-doliltiocarbonic acid (compound VL-11-02) which has myeloand immunodepressive properties has been investigated in mice' kidney and spleen with theExpand
Формирование жизненного потенциала населения Сибири
The article deals with the character of passage of generation population streams in Siberia in social space and its relationships with social-working, social-cultural and social-ecologicalExpand