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The nutritive profile of the 55 patients was studied prior to the surgery for microvascular decompression of trigeminal nerve root and during the first five days of early postoperative period(More)
Objective: to study the impact the impact of surgical delivery on the time course of changes in the concentration of tumor necrosis factor-а (TNF-а), interleukin (IL)-1/8, y-interferon, IL-4, IL-6,(More)
Женило М.В., Женило В.М., Соколов О.Ю. Нейромедиаторный механизм развития тотальной общей анестезии . Матер. III съезда фармакологов России. Психофармакол биол наркол 2007 Спец Вып; 7 (Ч 1, А–Л):(More)
Objective: to study the specific features of hemodynamic responses in females with gestosis in the perioperative period; to evaluate the impact of intensive care on the basis of co-administration of(More)
Женило В . М ., Дыба Т . В ., Сикилинда В . Д . Спинальная анестезия при реконструктивно - восстановительных хирургических вмешательствах на тазобедренном суставе . Матер. III съезда фармакологов(More)
Кассир Н.Н., Женило В.М., Шестопалов А.В. Влияние иммуномодуляторов на NO - секреторную активность лейкоцитов крови в динамике общей анестезии . Матер. III съезда фармакологов России. Психофармакол(More)
The effectiveness of drug remaxol inclusion in the scheme of treatment of patients with myocardial infarction on the background of degree II – III acute cardiac insufficiency was evaluated by the(More)
Clinical investigations conducted on 28 patients show that in pre-surgical period bioelectrical activity in the left hemispheriumcerebralis predominates which is illustrated by coefficient of(More)