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The purpose of the study. Comparative assessment of the efficacy of anti-oxidant and atropine therapy as a means for the correction of lipid peroxide oxidation (LPO), enzymes of antioxidant(More)
Under experimental conditions the comparative assessment of hepatoprotective activity of lithium salt thyethazole (50 mg/kg) and silimarin (200 mg/kg) in acute intoxication of rats by(More)
The effect of new uracil derivatives on behavioral reactions and free radical processes in the brain tissue, liver and blood of experimental animals has been investigated. It is shown that the(More)
Relative antioxidant activity of new pyrimidine derivatives in three model systems: generating reactive oxygen species, a system modulating lipid peroxidation reactions, as well as phagocytic blood(More)
The reaction of nitrosation of 6 aminosubstituted derivatives of 1,3 dimethylpyrimidine 2,4 dione in different conditions was investigated. Reactions of 6 aminosubstituted 1,3 dimethylpyrimidine 2,4(More)
An analysis of IR spectra of new N1-thietanyl substituted 6-methyl(amino)uraciles allowed to establish the basic oscillatory frequencies of the pyrimidine fragment and the substitutes. In the IR(More)
The article studies the effect of new pyrimidine derivatives on white blood cells of experimental animals in the norm and under stress caused by physical exertion. It is shown that exercises cause a(More)
The article presents the results of Coenzyme Q and L-carnitine therapy of 129 men from infertile couples. The antioxidant status was assessed by registration of chemiluminescence and by colorimetric(More)
Many diseases and influence of environmental negative factors create favorable conditions for the violation of the free-radical oxidation. There is a need for the use of antioxidants with preventive(More)