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We examined 98 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) of varying severity in active phase of the fading. Levels of IL-8, γ-IF, TNF-α in sputum, bronchial washings and serum of(More)
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease with the growing prevalence over the last 50 years. Some endocrine disorders including diabetes mellitus and obesity were identified as important factors(More)
Recently, bitter taste receptor ( TAS2R ) expression has been found in the respiratory system, but function of these receptors is largely unknown. The aim of our study was to assess serum(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNA molecules that affect gene expression and thus take part in the epigenetic regulation of almost all physiological and pathological processes. About 1,800(More)
Authors of this article have been studying clinical and pathogenic features of bronchial asthma for about 40 years. As a result, 10 clinicopathological variants of asthma have been described. This(More)
Summary. The aim of this study was to estimate efficiency of psychotherapy in treatment of patients with bronchial asthma and to develop psychotherapeutic schemes. Three treatment modes were used:(More)