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Пищевые и биологически активные вещества свежих черешков лопуха
The article deals with results of studying the chemical composition of the stalks of Burdock (burdock) Arctium lappa L. = Lappa major Gaertn. It was established that burdock stalks contain 1.86 % of
Влияние замачивания на снижение содержания тяжелых металлов в грибах
The effect of soaking period on heavy metals content and physical characteristics of wild mushrooms has been studied. It has been determined that the content of macroand microelements is reduced
Содержание макрои микроэлементов в дикорастущих грибах Новосибирской области
The content of macroand microelements in several species of eatable mushrooms growing on the territory of Novosibirskaya Oblast, in the regions of mass mushrooming was studied. It was found that the
Влияние тепловой обработки на физические показатели и содержание тяжелых металлов в макромицетах
The relevance of the study is due to looking for ways to reduce the content of heavy metals in mushrooms, as several times excess oftheir maximum permissible concentrations is registered in