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Участие различных популяций лимфоцитов в формировании защиты от менингококковой инфекции
The analysis of T-cellular populations by means of a method flowing cytophluorometrics has shown increase CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes without change of parity CD4/CD8+. Expand
Изучение зависимости уровней антител к капсульным полисахаридам менингококков, выявленных acyw 135, AC, а латексными диагностикумами в сыворотках населения Эфиопии
The obtained data confirmed the diagnostic value of latex diagnostics based on groupspecifical polysaccharides and revealed high level of antibodies, that according after epidemical period 2003 year, is high. Expand
Менингококковая поливакцина на основе очищенной igai протеазы
It was shown, that isolated IgA1 protease from the meningococcus serogroup A is able to protect mice, infected by meningitis B, through its protectivity and immunogenity. Expand
Потенциальная поливакцина на основе микробной IgAi-протеазы для профилактики бактериальных менингитов
The increase in antibodies to the meningococcal IgA1 protease into the blood of rabbits infected with different serotypes of pneumococci has been detected, indicating potential ability of the menedicating enzyme to generate protection against microbes the virulence of which is caused by IgA 1protease. Expand