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Cranial morphology of Theriosuchus sympiestodon (Mesoeucrocodylia, Atoposauridae) and the widespread occurrence of Theriosuchus in the Late Cretaceous of Europe
Abstract We present a detailed morphological description of the type-locality cranial material of Theriosuchus sympiestodon Martin, Rabi, and Csiki, 2010 from the Maastrichtian Densuş-Ciula Formation
A New Madtsoiid Snake from the Upper Cretaceous of the Hateg Basin, Western Romania
ABSTRACT Madtsoiidae are a group of archaic snakes, widely distributed in the Upper Cretaceous of Gondwanan landmasses (South America, Madagascar, India, Africa), but otherwise reported outside
New insights into Europe’s most diverse Late Cretaceous anuran assemblage from the Maastrichtian of western Romania
The Romanian Maastrichtian anuran assemblage is the most diverse yet documented for the European Late Cretaceous, but differs in having more alytid taxa and a pelobatid-like taxon, and in lacking the palaeobatrachids seen in the Campanian–MaastrichTian of Western Europe.
Reindeer exploitation in the Upper Palaeolithic site of Buda, Eastern Romania. Evidence from older and newer excavations
The Upper Palaeolithic site from Buda (Bacău County) has been known since 1952 for the large amount of animal bones discovered alongside Gravettian tools. The revision of the osteological material
Upper Cretaceous volcanoclastic deposits from the Haţeg basin, south Carpathians (Romania): K-Ar ages and intrabasinal correlation
In order to constrain the age of the Upper Cretaceous continental Densuş-Ciula Formation from the Haţeg basin, South Carpathians, and correlate it with the other continental unit that occurs in the