Živoslav Lj Tešić

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Platinum(IV) complexes with general formulas [Pt(L(1-2))(2)Cl(4)], where L(1-2) are 3-acetylpyridine (1) and 4-acetylpyridine (2) respectively, and [Pt(HL(3-5))(2)Cl(2)], where H(2)L(3-5) are(More)
Polyphenolic profiles of 44 unifloral Serbian honeys were analyzed using ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) coupled with hybrid mass spectrometer which combines the Linear Trap(More)
INTRODUCTION Propolis is a resinous natural substance collected by honeybees from different plant sources. Due to the presence of various phytochemicals, this bee-product exhibits numerous biological(More)