Željko Kojadinović

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Numerous studies with conflicting results have tried to prove the influence of seasonal variations or different meteorological factors on the occurrence of aneurysmal subarachnoidal hemorrhage (SAH). The aim of this study was to establish a mathematical model of a series of aneurysmal rupture dates in different patients and verify a temporal pattern in the(More)
Chronic subdural hematoma is usually caused by minor head trauma and occurs frequently with older people. Predisposing factors include alcohol abuse, epilepsy and coagulopathy. This report presents a 65-year old woman who had a large, mixed density, left sided compressive chronic subdural hematoma diagnosed by computed tomography. She also displayed a(More)
In the period 1982-1991, 1511 patients with compressive degenerative lumbar radiculopathy underwent surgery at the Clinic of Neurosurgery in Novi Sad. 1053 patients (69.69%) were operated due to radiculopathy of herniated disc etiology, 83 patients (5.50%) because od spondylotic radiculopathy and 38 patients (2.51%) because of spinal stenosis. 327 patients(More)
We report a patient with combined thrombophilia--protein C deficiency and mild hyperhomocysteinemia with total spontaneous thrombosis of a basilar tip aneurysm after subarachnoid hemorrhage, without neurological deficit. At admission, the patient had headache, drowsiness, and nausea, with no neurological deficit. Computed tomography (CT) did not show the(More)
Sazetak Kraniocerebralne povrcde imaju veliki socioekonornski znacaj usled svoje uccstalosti, visoke smrtnosti kao i teskih posledica koje za sobom ostavljaju. Poslcdice se mogu grupisati na neuroloske, psihijatrijske te naruzenost. Krivicno-pravni aspekt vcstaccnja ovih povreda podrazumeva kvalifikaciju povreda na lake, teske i kvalifikovano teske telesne(More)
UNLABELLED To establish the possibilities of functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) in the assesment of preservation of the motor and speech brain functions in the primary brain tumour patients planed for neurosurgery. METHODS AND MATERIAL fMRI of motor and/or speech areas was performed on 3T MRI unit in 17 patients with primary brain tumours and dominant(More)
The paper reviews the results of a prospective study on external morphologic characteristics of communicating testicular hydrocele in boys, which might help the prognosis of future events in the peritoneal testicular covering. We examined 216 cases of communicating hydrocele and controlled their size and consistency every 3 months throughout the period of(More)
INTRODUCTION Traumatic brain injuries have major socio-economic importance due to their frequency, high mortality and serious consequences. According to their nature the consequences of these injuries may be classified as neurological, psychiatric and esthetic. Various lesions of brain structures cause neurological consequences such as disturbance of motor(More)
INTRODUCTION Arachnoid cysts are congenital fluid-filled compartments within the cerebrospinal fluid cisterns and major cerebral fissure, between two layers of the arachnoid membrane. They can develop anywhere within the subarachnoid space, most frequently located within the Sylvian fissure in the middle fossa. In young patients with the arachnoid cyst and(More)
INTRODUCTION A gunshot head injury, characterized by a huge intensity of mechanical force, in addition to the direct tissue damage at the location of direct impact, may cause a skull and skull base fracture, distant from the the point of direct impact, which could be further complicated by creating a communication between endocranium and nasal/paranasal(More)