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In vitro skin models as a tool in optimization of drug formulation.
A rational approach in designing and optimizing skin formulations requires well-defined skin models, able to identify and evaluate the intrinsic properties of the formulation. Expand
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Nanopharmaceuticals for improved topical vaginal therapy: can they deliver?
Nanopharmaceuticals have the potential to revolutionise medical treatment by permitting the design of more potent, less toxic "smart" therapeutics, ultimately leading to personalised medicine. ThisExpand
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Mucosal nanosystems for improved topical drug delivery: vaginal route of administration
This review represents an attempt to summarize the current developments in the area of mucosal drug delivery destined for localized effects, address the challenges and comment on the potentials thisExpand
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Current Trends in Development of Liposomes for Targeting Bacterial Biofilms
Biofilm targeting represents a great challenge for effective antimicrobial therapy. Increased biofilm resistance, even with the elevated concentrations of very potent antimicrobial agents, oftenExpand
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Liposomes for (trans)dermal drug delivery: the skin-PVPA as a novel in vitro stratum corneum model in formulation development
Abstract Penetration potential of vesicles destined for trans(dermal) administration remains to be of great interests both in respect to drug therapy and cosmetic treatment. This study investigatedExpand
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Characterization of various deformable liposomes with metronidazole
Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate various deformable liposomes for their potential application for the vaginal administration of metronidazole. Materials and methods: DeformableExpand
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Azithromycin‐loaded liposomes for enhanced topical treatment of methicillin‐resistant Staphyloccocus aureus (MRSA) infections
&NA; Antibiotic delivery via liposomal encapsulation represents a promising approach for the efficient topical treatment of skin infections. The present study aimed to investigate the potential ofExpand
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Nanoformulations for Vaginal Therapy
Nanomedicine offers the means to improve the therapy of various disorders, including genital infections, hormone replacement therapy, and vaginal dryness. Although genital infections affect bothExpand
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An overview of in vitro dissolution/release methods for novel mucosal drug delivery systems
HighlightsMucosal delivery systems differ in physicochemical and release characteristics.Versatile in vitro release methods are currently used for their characterisation.Compendial methods are usedExpand
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Pectosomes and Chitosomes as Delivery Systems for Metronidazole: The One-Pot Preparation Method
Mucoadhesive liposomes offer a potential for improved residence time of liposomal systems targeting contact with mucosal tissues, such as in buccal, oral, colon, and vaginal drug delivery. Most ofExpand
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