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The chronology of third molar eruption in the Croatian population.
Established chronology of the third molar eruption can be used as a standard for the assessment of dental age in clinical and forensic research on samples of Croatian population. Expand
Anaerobic Bacteria in Implants and Homologous Teeth 2-14 Years after Implantation
It is shown that Anaerobic bacteria were more abundantly present on implants than on homologous teeth. Expand
Occupational Injuries among Dentists in Croatia
There is still a need for preventive measures to minimize the frequency of injuries in dentistry, and the largest number of respondents stated the improper posture as the most important cause of occupational diseases and injuries, followed by stress, infection and noise. Expand
Implantantno-protetička terapija manjka prednjeg zuba
Posljednjih nekoliko desetljeca implantantno- proteticka terapija sve se cesce predlaže kod djelomice ozubljene celjusti. Ugradnja implantata u prednjem dijelu usta vrlo je zahtjevna i tehnickiExpand
Chaillet's International Scores for Age Estimation in Croatian Children
Polynomial compound formula was recommended to predict dental age with more accuracy for results of international maturity scores in Croatian children. Expand
Third Molar Development in Croatian Children and Young Adults
The aim of this study was to assess chronological course of pre-eruptive and eruptive development phase of third molars and to establish parameters for a sample of Croatian population in clinical and forensic dentistry. Expand
Chronological course of wisdom teeth eruption in Croatian population
Dental age determination is required in various clinical and scientific disciplines. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this research was to estimate the chronological course of wisdom teeth eruption in CroatianExpand
Comparation of occlusal load and marking with articulationg paper
Cilj rada je utvrditi postoji li pozitivna korelacija između intenziteta obojenja zubnih dodira zagrizom u artikulacijski papir, i opterecenja istih zubi zagrizom u osjetljivu foliju. Ispitanici suExpand
Finding of third lower molar in prosthetic Croatian patients
Lower third molar can be adequate abutment tooth for fixed prosthetic appliances and that is something that needs to be evaluated in prosthetic treatment planning. Expand