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Real convergence in the new eu member states
This paper presents the analysis of unconditional and convergence among the ten European countries that accessed the European Union in 2004. Unconditional convergence means that the less developedExpand
The Microeconomics of Regional Development: Measuring convergences of Local and Regional Business Cycles
Our convergence analysis illustrates the usefulness of Eurostat’s Economic sentiment indicators system for monitoring economic developments in the EU regions and for identifying the emergence of theExpand
EU enlargement and real economic convergence
This article presents an analysis of economic implications of the major EU enlargement in 2004. The research is based on sigma (σ) and beta (β) convergence of per capita GDP among the 10 countriesExpand
Financing local government in Slovenia
Financial resources are of essential importance for optimal local government functioning. Without a sufficient level of autonomy and resources, fiscal federalism is nothing more than an externalExpand
Local Self-Government Financing and Costs of Municipality in Slovenia
This research paper focuses on the compliance of the actual system of financing local selfgovernment in Slovenia with the basic principles of the theory of decentralization and guidelines of theExpand
Financing Local Government in Theory and Practice: Short Lesson from Slovenia
With decentralisation, decision makers are closer to the results of their decisions. As such, local government is a feature of all EU states, despite many differences between them. An optimal modelExpand
Cross Border Economic Convergence and EU Integration Process
The real benefits of integrating different economic areas and regions into one common economic, monetary, and sometimes also fiscal area are among the most important issues to be resolved because theExpand
Production Factors Use in the European Electricity Producing Companies During the Last Financial Crisis
In the period from 2009 to 2012, the value added among the eight major European electricity producing companies on average oscillated around the stagnated trend. Between these companies there wereExpand
Bank of slovenia adjustment policy to surges in capital flows
The article presents an empirically tested assessment of the Bank of Slovenia (BS), national central bank, adjustment policy to surges in capital flows during the last decade. Exchange rateExpand
Measuring Services and Tourism Convergence Among Five Old and Five New EU Member States
Paper presents the analysis of the degree of convergence within two groups of countries analyzing Eurostat’s Service Confidence Indicator – SCI indicator. In that matter we analyzed sigma (σ) andExpand