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The Syntax of Nonfinite Complementation: An Economy Approach
Economy considerations have always played an important role in the generative theory of grammar. Expand
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On the locality of left branch extraction and the structure of NP
The paper considers several accounts of crosslinguistic variation regarding left branch extraction (LBE), focusing on adjectival LBE, and explores consequences of a proper analysis of LBE for the internal structure of NP. Expand
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On the Locality and Motivation of Move and Agree: An Even More Minimal Theory
The article proposes a new theory of successive-cyclic movement that reconciles the early and the current minimalist approaches to it. As in the early approach, there is no feature checking inExpand
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On the Nature of the Syntax-Phonology Interface: Cliticization and Related Phenomena
Preface Introduction Theoretical and empirical scope of this volume Outline Serbo-Croatian Second Position Cliticization: Syntax and/or Phonology? Approaches to second position cliticization inExpand
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On Multiple Wh -Fronting
I show that multiple wh-fronting languages (MWFL) do not behave uniformly regarding wh-movement and eliminate MWFL from the crosslinguistic typology concerning wh-movement in multiple questions.Expand
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A–movement and the EPP
The article argues that the EPP should be eliminated. It is shown that in a number of constructions the EPP does not hold at all. Where it does appear to hold, its effects follow from independentExpand
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Now I’m a Phase, Now I’m Not a Phase: On the Variability of Phases with Extraction and Ellipsis
On the basis of a number of cases where the status of X with respect to phasehood changes depending on the syntactic context in which X occurs, I argue for a contextual approach to phasehood wherebyExpand
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Unifying first and last conjunct agreement
The paper investigates first and last conjunct agreement in Serbo-Croatian, the latter being a rather rare phenomenon for head initial languages and provides strong evidence in favor of the operation Agree in general, to the extent that it is successful. Expand
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On NPs and Clauses
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The copy theory of movement: A view from PF
Miyoshi (2002) (see also Bošković 2004a) provides a uniform account of the ban on negative imperatives in Greek and the banon negative indicatives in English. Expand
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