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W ith the escalating costs of health care, the cost of prescribed equipment should be compared to its benefits. This study sought to gain information about the degree of wrist·driven tenodesis brace lise for activities of daily living, com· munication tasks, and productivity tasks by patients with spinal cord injuries who have been discharged from Shepherd(More)
Virtual move Monte Carlo is a cluster algorithm which was originally developed for strongly attractive colloidal, molecular, or atomistic systems in order to both approximate the collective dynamics and avoid sampling of unphysical kinetic traps. In this paper, we present the algorithm in the form, which selects the moving cluster through a wider class of(More)
We present the results of computer simulations giving a kinetic insight into the liquid-to-solid transition of a homopolymer chain with short-range interactions. By calculating the absolute rates in each direction of the transition, using molecular dynamics employing the forward flux sampling scheme, we provide the phase diagram based on purely kinetic(More)
Experiments done on polydisperse particles of cadmium selenide have recently shown that the particles form spherical isolated clusters with low polydispersity of cluster size. The computer simulation model of Xia et al. ( Nat. Nanotechnol. 2011 , 6 , 580 ) explaining this behavior used a short-range van der Waals attraction combined with a variable(More)
Supercooled colloidal or molecular systems at low densities are known to form liquid, crystalline or glassy drops, which may remain isolated for a long time before they aggregate. This paper analyses the properties of this large time window, and how it can be tackled by computer simulation. We use single-particle and virtual move Monte Carlo simulations of(More)
Stiff, elongated biomolecules such as filamentous viruses, DNA or cellulose nanocrystals are known to form liquid crystals often exhibiting a helical supramolecular organization. Little is known about the microscopic origin, size and handedness of the helical pitch in these, so-called cholesteric phases. Experimental observations in chiral lyotropics(More)
Virtual move Monte Carlo is a Monte Carlo (MC) cluster algorithm forming clusters via local energy gradients and approximating the collective kinetic or dynamic motion of attractive colloidal particles. We carefully describe, analyze, and test the algorithm. To formally validate the algorithm through highlighting its symmetries, we present alternative and(More)
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