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Detection of center vortices in the lattice Yang-Mills vacuum
We discuss the implementation of the {open_quotes}direct{close_quotes} maximal center gauge (a gauge which maximizes the lattice average of the squared-modulus of the trace of link variables), and
Color Screening, Casimir Scaling, and Domain Structure in G(2) and SU(N) Gauge Theories
We argue that screening of higher-representation color charges by gluons implies a domain structure in the vacuum state of non-Abelian gauge theories, with the color magnetic flux in each domain
Coulomb energy, remnant symmetry, and the phases of non-Abelian gauge theories
We show that the confining property of the one-gluon propagator, in the Coulomb gauge, is linked to the unbroken realization of a remnant gauge symmetry which exists in this gauge. An order parameter
The Structure of projected center vortices in lattice gauge theory
We investigate the structure of center vortices in maximal center gauge of SU(2) lattice gauge theory at zero and finite temperature. In center projection the vortices (called P-vortices) form
Confinement, Topology, and Other Non-Perturbative Aspects of QCD
Preface. Chiral zero-mode for abelian BPS dipoles P. van Baal. Dual superconductivity, effective string theory, and Regge trajectories M. Baker, R. Steinke. Confinement-deconfinement order parameters
Center Vortices and the Gribov Horizon
We show how the infinite color-Coulomb energy of color-charged states is related to enhanced density of near-zero modes of the Faddeev-Popov operator, and calculate this density numerically for both
The vortex-finding property of maximal center (and other) gauges
The authors argue that the vortex-finding property of maximal center gauge, i.e. the ability of this gauge to locate center vortices inserted by hand on any given lattice, is the key to its success