Şerban Ţovaru

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OBJECTIVE In this retrospective study, patients' medical records were reviewed to investigate the profiles of 633 OLP cases in a group of Romania. MATERIAL AND METHODS In this retrospective study, the following clinical data were obtained from the medical charts of patients: gender, age, clinical presentation of OLP, site affected, presence of symptoms,(More)
OBJECTIVE Although oral keratinocyte stem cells play a key role in tissue homeostasis, wound healing, and neoplasia, they remain difficult to identify and characterize. The specific aim of the present study is to characterize an oral keratinocyte stem-cell population separated using a magnetic technique. MATERIAL AND METHODS Oral human keratinocytes(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic granulomatous disease that affects various systems of the body. Although the pulmonary form is most common, TB can also occur in the lymph nodes, kidneys, bones, and oral cavity. Oral TB is often a consequence of active pulmonary TB and is relatively rare. Here, we report a series of cases that emphasize the importance of(More)
Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a relatively common disorder whose cause is still unknown. Oral cancer is preceded in most cases by pre malignant lesions-leukoplasia, submucous fibrosis and lichen planus. Free radicals and reactive oxygen species play important roles in both pathogenesis of lichen planus and carcinogenesis. Thus monitoring systemic and saliva(More)
Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is defined as a chronic pain condition characterized by a burning sensation in clinically healthy oral mucosa. Incidence BMS diagnosed in the Department of Oral Medicine - Oral Pathology Dental Faculty of Medicine, "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest is 16,23%. The etiology of BMS remains far less known.(More)
ABSTRACT The relationship between chronic hepatitis C virus infection (HCV) and oral lichen planus (OLP) is a current topic in the field of oral medicine. Many studies of this association have been made over time. The geographic variation of the hepatitis C prevalence proved to be an important factor influencing the statistical results of the studies(More)
ABSTRACT The main purpose of this paper was to assess the current state of science on oral leukoplakia. Although it is considered a potentially malignant disorder the overall malignant progression of oral leukoplakia is of the order of 5% and even more. Nowadays there are no currently accepted markers to distinguish those that may progress to cancer from(More)
Oral medicine (stomatology) is a recognized and increasingly important dental specialty in many parts of the world that recognizes and fosters the interplay between medical health and oral health. Its dental activities rely greatly on the underlying biology of disease and evidence-based outcomes. However, full recognition of the importance of oral medicine(More)
OBJECTIVE Erythema multiforme (EM) continues to be an underestimated disease with a lack of strict classification and diagnostic criteria. We present the analysis of a case series of 60 oral EM patients from 2 centers and illustrate the range of oral clinical presentations. STUDY DESIGN Clinical data from 60 EM patients with oral involvement, diagnosed(More)
163 Maedica A Journal of Clinical Medicine, Volume 6 No.2 2011 Update in Stomatology: Assuring Dental Student Head and Neck Cancer Screening Competency Serban TOVARUa; Alexandra MIRCEAb aProfessor, Oral Medicine-Oral Pathology Department, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania bStudent 6th year, Faculty of Dentistry,(More)