Şafak Taner

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Background: Despite the reduced rate of occurrence, the hydatidosis of the liver is still taking an important place in surgical practice in Asia Minor and the Middle East. Traditional techniques for performing liver cyst surgery seem to be comparatively traumatic. In this clinical study, we present our experience with laparoscopic treatment of hydatid cyst(More)
The serious diseases of the central nervous system (CNS); encephalitis and meningitis, have high mortality and morbidity rate especially not diagnosed and treated in time. Nucleic acid testing (NAT) is the tool of choice for viral diagnosis in CNS infections. In this study, viral etiological agents found in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples sent to our(More)
INTRODUCTION In many health conditions, stigma is receiving increasing attention. Public stigmatization toward social illness can affect particularly the patients and family memberships to help seeking behavior and treatment. This study, the aim of this study was to investigate the validity and reliability of the Turkish "Stigma of Tuberculosis Scale "(More)
BACKGROUND Turkey has undergone a 'Health transformation programme' putting emphasis on the reorganization of primary care (PC) services towards a more market-oriented system. OBJECTIVES To obtain a deep understanding of how family physicians (FPs) experienced the process of the reforms by focusing on working conditions. METHODS This phenomenological(More)
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