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An Economic and Social History of the Ottoman Empire
List of maps List of figures List of tables Genealogy of the Ottoman dynasty Chronology of Ottoman history, 1260-1923 Preface List of abbreviations General maps General introduction Halil Inalcik andExpand
The Black Death and the origins of the ‘Great Divergence’ across Europe, 1300–1600
One important recent theme emerging from the literature on early modern Europe is that some of the key structural and institutional changes that are responsible for the increases in incomes may haveExpand
A Monetary History of the Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman empire stood at the crossroads of intercontinental trade at the dawn of the era of capitalism. This volume examines the monetary history of that empire from its beginnings in theExpand
The Sources of Long-Term Economic Growth for Turkey, 1880-2005
This article considers the sources of long-term economic growth for Turkey over the period 1880–2005. The period in question covers the decline and eventual dissolution of the former Ottoman EmpireExpand
A History Of Middle East Economies In The Twentieth Century
Acknowledgements Note on Transliteration List of Tables List of Acronyms General Introduction PART I: 1918-1945 Introduction to Part I 1. Turkey 1918-1945 2. Egypt 1918-1945 3. The Economies of theExpand
Estimating Economic Growth in the Middle East since 1820
  • Ş. Pamuk
  • Economics
  • The Journal of Economic History
  • 1 September 2006
This study provides, for the first time, an overview of the growth record of the Middle East since 1820 and inserts it into a comparative framework. GDP per capita estimates are offered forExpand
Ottoman State Finances in European Perspective, 1500–1914
The early modern era witnessed the formation across Europe of centralized states that captured increasing shares of resources as taxes. These states not only enjoyed greater capacity to deal withExpand
The Ottoman Empire and European Capitalism, 1820-1913: Trade, Investment and Production
1. Introduction 2. Long-term fluctuations in Ottoman foreign trade 1830-1913 3. Ottoman terms of trade against industrialised countries 1854-1913 4. Foreign capital in the Ottoman Empire, 1854-1913Expand
Economic Change in Twentieth Century Turkey: Is the Glass More than Half Full?
One metaphor for assessing Turkey’s economic performance in the twentieth century may be to ask whether the glass is half full or half empty. On the one hand, Turkey has experienced far-reachingExpand
Institutional Change and the Longevity of the Ottoman Empire, 1500-1800
Institutional Change and the Longevity of the Ottoman Empire, 1500–1800 In recent decades, economists and economic historians have identiaed institutions and institutional change as key variablesExpand