Łukasz Wicherek

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The expression of metallothionein (MT) is involved in acquiring resistance to immune-mediated apoptosis; it is also a negative regulator of the immune response. Nasal polyps are typified by a resistance to immune-mediated apoptosis as well as by excessive immune cell infiltration. RCAS1 (receptor-binding cancer antigen expressed on SiSo cells) is a membrane(More)
BACKGROUND Perineural space invasion (PSI) represents a poor prognostic factor in various carcinomas. Studies on PSI in cervical cancer patients are scarce and report discrepant results regarding its incidence and prognostic value. AIMS The aim of the following study was to evaluate the occurrence rate and prognostic significance of parametrial PSI in(More)
OBJECTIVE Utility of laparoscopic procedures in pregnant women. Is laparoscopy safe for the foetus? MATERIAL AND METHODS Between 1996 an 2002 14 pregnant patients were admitted and laparoscopy was performed. RESULTS In 10 cases laparoscopic cyst enucleation (6 simplex, 1 endometrial, 3 dermoidal), in 1 case myomectomy and in 2 adnexectomy was performed.(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine risk factors for ectopic pregnancy (EP) rupture based on the patients history and preoperative tests. MATERIALS AND METHODS The retrospective study consisted of 175 women operated on due to EP in the Department of Gynecology and Oncology of the Jagiellonian University between 2000-2008. Tubal rupture was diagnosed at the time of(More)
INTRODUCTION Apart from increasing frequency of ectopic pregnancy occurrence during recent years there is still a need to diagnose and treat these pathology as early as possible. Delay in diagnosing subsequently cause severe threat to patients life. Recognition improvement means equally decrease in mortality connected to ectopic pregnancy. AIM The aim of(More)
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