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Fractionation Trends and Variability of Rare Earth Elements and Selected Critical Metals in Pelagic Sediment from Abyssal Basin of NE Pacific (Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone)
The geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of pelagic sediments collected from the Interoceanmetal Joint Organization (IOM) claim area, located in the eastern part of the Clarion-ClippertonExpand
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Beach Gravels as a Potential Lithostatistical Indicator of Marine Coastal Dynamics: The Pogorzelica–Dziwnów (Western Pomerania, Baltic Sea, Poland) Case Study
The petrographic composition and grain shape variability of beach gravels in the Pogorzelica–Dziwnow coast section (363.0 to 391.4 km of coastline), southern Baltic Sea, Poland were analyzed hereinExpand
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Thermal Properties and Burial Alteration of Deep-Sea Sediments: New Indicators of Oxic−Suboxic Diagenesis
The application of thermal methods, such as Rock−Eval 6 pyrolysis or differential thermal analysis, provides complex information about sediment and rock properties, including thermal behaviour,Expand
Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Fluvial-Lacustrine Pisolith Micronodules from the Roztoka Odrzańska, Odra River, NW Poland
Small-sized ferruginous micronodules or pisolith nodules, frequently occurring in inland freshwater systems in moderate climate zones, are important indicators of groundwater level changes and earlyExpand
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Sedimentological and geochemical imprint of environmental changes in late Pleistocene palaeodelta-hosting deposits, southwest of the Hainan Island (South China Sea)
Abstract The study was aimed at elucidating relationships between lithological and geochemical characteristics of sediments as indicators of sea level changes during the Late Quaternary on theExpand
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Geochemistry of cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts from the Perth Abyssal Plain (E Indian Ocean)
Abstract Geochemistry of cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts from the as-yet-unexplored Dirck Hartog Ridge (DHR), a linear bathymetric feature of poorly understood origin, located in the centre of theExpand
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Practical Toponymics: Szczecin on the Geographical Map of World
This article presents practical aspects of toponymics in the context of complex analysis of different kinds of data (ethnological, historical, geographical, geological, geopolitical, andExpand
Mineralogy of Cobalt-Rich Ferromanganese Crusts from the Perth Abyssal Plain (E Indian Ocean)
Mineralogy of phosphatized and zeolitized hydrogenous cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts from Dirck Hartog Ridge (DHR), the Perth Abyssal Plain (PAP), formed on an altered basaltic substrate, isExpand
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