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BACKGROUND Cell based vaccines encoding Hyper-IL-6 (H6) and Hyper-IL-11 (H11) present high activity in murine melanoma and renal cancer model. We evaluated the efficacy of cellular vaccines modified with H6 or H11 combined with cyclophosphamide in orthotopic murine prostate cancer model. MATERIAL AND METHODS TRAMP cells were transduced with H6 and H11(More)
UNLABELLED Iatrogenic bile duct injuries (BDI) are still a challenging diagnostic and therapeutic problem. With the introduction of the laparoscopic technique for the treatment of cholecystolithiasis, the incidence of iatrogenic BDI increased. The aim of the study was a retrospective analysis of 69 patients treated at the department due to iatrogenic BDI in(More)
Dear Editor: With interest, we read the paper by Pironi et al. “Chronic radiation-induced proctitis: the 4 % formalin application as non-surgical treatment” considering the problem of proctitis induced by chronic radiation. Radiation-induced proctitis is a very important problem in irradiated patients. The frequency of radiation proctitis, presented in(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a conservative regimen for the treatment of constipation in persons living with a colostomy. DESIGN Prospective, noncontrolled, single-center study. SUBJECTS AND SETTING The study sample comprised 35 patients with a colostomy who were diagnosed with constipation. Subjects with morphologic(More)
UNLABELLED Stoma is an intestinal fistula created in emergency or by elective indications, and it is done to drain out the digestive tract content. In some patients there is a disturbance passage of gastric contents through the stoma, which may take the form of chronic constipation or even periodic subileus that will sooner or later require surgical(More)
AIM Abdominal pain, defaecation disorder and change of bowel habit are the commonest symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The effect of microencapsulated sodium butyrate (MSB) was assessed on the severity of symptoms in patients with IBS. METHOD Sixty-six patients treated with one of the standard pharmacological therapies for at least 3 months were(More)
Diverticulosis, its associated symptoms and complications are one of the most common pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract in more economically developed countries. Presence of diverticuli and their clinical consequences can be divided into four categories: 1) diverticulosis, i.e. an asymptomatic presence of diverticuli that are usually found by(More)
About 40% to 60% of melanomas present BRAF mutation. Selective BRAF inhibitors such as vemurafenib and dabrafenib are currently approved for the treatment of advanced melanoma patients with BRAF mutation. The treatment-induced tumor regression occurs in the majority of patients; however, acquired resistance to BRAF inhibitors is observed in most of the(More)
BACKGROUND Ipilimumab is a fully human monoclonal antibody (mAb) targeting cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4). Ipilimumab is currently approved in the U.S. and Europe for the treatment of metastatic melanoma in the first- and second-line treatment. Treatment with ipilimumab is linked to immune-related adverse events (irAEs) occurring in the majority(More)
A fistula-in-ano (also referred to as anal fistula, rectal fistula, perianal fistula or anorectal fistula) is an abnormal tract or cavity communicating with the rectum or the anal canal by an identifiable internal opening (1). The problem is still up-to-date and remains a difficultone to handle, with an overall incidence of 8.6:100,000 annually, affecting(More)