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The Hsp90 chaperone activity is tightly regulated by interaction with many co-chaperones. Since CacyBP/SIP shares some sequence homology with a known Hsp90 co-chaperone, Sgt1, in this work we performed a set of experiments in order to verify whether CacyBP/SIP can interact with Hsp90. By applying the immunoprecipitation assay we have found that CacyBP/SIP(More)
PhLP2 is a small cytosolic protein that belongs to the highly conserved phosducin-like family of proteins. In amniote genomes there are two PhLP2 homologs, PhLP2A and PhLP2B. It has been shown that mammalian PhLP2A modulates the CCT/TRiC chaperonin activity during folding of cytoskeletal proteins. In order to better understand the function of PhLP2A in(More)
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