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Bone histology of Silesaurus opolensisDzik, 2003 from the Late Triassic of Poland
Fostowicz-Frelik, Ł. & Sulej, T. 2009: Bone histology of Silesaurus opolensisDzik, 2003 from the Late Triassic of Poland. Lethaia, Vol. 43, pp. 137–148. The phylogenetic relationships ofExpand
A New Species of Pliocene Prolagus (Lagomorpha: Ochotonidae) from Poland is the Northernmost Record of the Genus
The northernmost record of Prolagus is presented, from Pliocene deposits of the Raciszyn 1 locality in Poland, where the fossil assemblage forms a filling of karstic fissure within Oxfordian limestones. Expand
Review of the earliest Central European Ochotona (Mammalia: Lagomorpha), with a description of a new species from Poland
The most comprehensive evidence of the earliest Central European Ochotona is presented, with the Villányian and Biharian pikas with relatively elongated p3, well-defined trigonid, long posteroconid, and the slender, low mandible form a conspicuous phylogenetic lineage. Expand
First record of Trogontherium cuvieri (Mammalia, Rodentia) from the middle Pleistocene of Poland and review of the species
The fossil record of the family Castoridae in Poland is rather poor. It consists mainly of small Miocene species, Chalicomys jaegeri Kaup, 1832, Steneofiber eseri (Meyer, 1846), and S. minutus Meyer,Expand
Small Mammal Fauna from Wulanhuxiu (Nei Mongol, China) Implies the Irdinmanhan—Sharamurunian (Eocene) Faunal Turnover
Wulanhuxiu documents replacement, albeit incomplete, of paleoplacental by neoplacentals in the Chinese Eocene record. Expand
A large mimotonid from the Middle Eocene of China sheds light on the evolution of lagomorphs and their kin
The results suggest that ecomorphology of this species was convergent on that of small perissodactyls that dominated faunas of the Mongolian Plateau in the Eocene, and probably a result of competitive pressure from other Glires, including a co-occurring mimotonid, Gomphos. Expand
Leporids (Mammalia, Lagomorpha) from the Diamond O Ranch Local Fauna, Latest Middle Eocene of Southwestern Montana
ABSTRACT Two species of lagomorphs are represented in the Diamond O Ranch local fauna of southwestern Montana. Mytonolagus ashcrafti, new species, is the most common mammal at Diamond O Ranch, and isExpand
New Data on the Miocene Stem Lagomorph Eurolagus fontannesi, and Its Northernmost Record
We describe new dental material of Eurolagus fontannesi from the Late Miocene (Early Vallesian, MN 9) lignite beds of Bełchatów A (central Poland), which is the northernmost occurrence of thisExpand