İnci Yıldız

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OBJECTIVE T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) is associated with recurrent chromosomal aberrations andabnormal ectopic gene expression during T-cell development. In order to gain insight into the pathogenesis of T-ALLthis study aimed to measure the level of expression of 7 T-cell oncogenes (LMO2, LYL1, TAL1, TLX1, TLX3, BMI1, andCALM-AF10) in(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the well-known common translocations and FLT3 mutations in childhood acute myelogenousleukemia (AML) patients in Turkey. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study included 50 newly diagnosed patients in which t(15;17), t(8;21), and inv(16)chromosomal translocations were identified using real-time PCR and FLT3 gene mutations were identified via(More)
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