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Hypervelocity ballistic reference models as experimental supersonic test cases
Abstract Hypervelocity ballistic reference wind tunnel models are of interest to researchers in the field of high-speed aerodynamics, both as the means to validate the measurement chains in windExpand
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Contemporary frame of measurement and assessment of wind-tunnel flow quality in a low-speed facility
The requirements for the accuracy of measurements in a wind tunnel test become more and more severe while the complexity of the test increases. In an environment of reduced time available for windExpand
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Evaluation of a force balance with semiconductor strain gages in wind tunnel tests of the HB-2 standard model
A six-component wind tunnel balance of a robust, unconventional design was produced using semiconductor strain gages on a compression-type axial-force element. The balance was designed primarily forExpand
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Development of device for optical measurement of spin rate of wind tunnel models
In wind tunnel tests of free-spinning missile models it is of interest to measure the rotation rate of the models. As it is essential to provide free rotation of such models with minimum friction inExpand
Supersonic test cases at high angles of attack
Abstract An increased number of requirements for supersonic wind tunnel tests at high angles of attack (AoA) opened the problem of the validation of a high-AoA wind tunnel setup in the ExperimentalExpand
Convergence of transonic wind tunnel test results of the AGARD-B standard model
AGARD-B is a widely-used configuration of a standard wind tunnel model. Beside its originally intended application for correlation of data from supersonic wind tunnel facilities, it was tested in aExpand
The shine and cynicism of social change: Fifty years after student protests around the world (1968-2018)
Пет деценија након бурне 1968. године, када су протести студената потресли свијет и узроковали многе преображаје у његовом будућем развоју, контекстуализују се и актуелизују идеје и енергија коју суExpand