Ünal Zubari

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Content Based Copy Detection (CBCD) emerges as a viable choice against active detection methodology of watermarking. The very first reason is that the media already under circulation cannot be marked and secondly, CBCD inherently can endure various severe attacks, which watermarking cannot. Although in general, media content is handled independently as(More)
Speech boundary detection contributes to performance of speech based applications such as speech recognition and speaker recognition. Speech boundary detector implemented in this study works on broadcast audio as a pre-processor module of a keyword spotter. Speech boundary detection is handled in 3 steps. At first step, audio data is segmented into(More)
Concept detection stands as an important problem for many applications like efficient indexing and retrieval in large video archives. In this work, for detection of diverse and distinct concepts a concept detection system (KavTan) that combines a variety of information sources under a single structure is proposed. The proposed system consists of Generalized(More)
In this notebook paper, we discuss and give an overview of our participation to the High-Level Feature Extraction (HLFE) and Content-Based Copy Detection (CBCD) tasks of TRECVID 2009. In our HLFE system both visual and audio concept detection has been implemented and also complimentary standalone detectors have been incorporated to the system. For the(More)
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