Ünal Zenginobuz

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  • Gökºen Fatoº, Adaman E Fikret, Ünal Zenginobuz, Ali Çarkoðlu, Riley Dunlap, Korel Göymen +4 others
  • 2001
The study which this paper is based on was undertaken with an award from the Middle East Research Awards Program in Population and Development (MEAwards) of the Population Council (Project: MEA 385). We would like to thank Begüm Özkaynak for her very able assistance, Frekans Research Ltd. for their meticulous fieldwork, Ali Çarkoðlu for his help with(More)
We revisit the analysis of subscription equilibria in a full fledged general equilibrium model with public goods. We study the case of a non-profit, or public, firm that produces the public good using private goods as inputs, which are to be financed by voluntary contributions of households. We analyze policy interventions that will lead to an increase of(More)
We analyze a general equilibrium model of a completely decentralized pure public good economy. Competitive …rms using private goods as inputs produce the public good, which is privately provided by households. Previous studies on private provision of public goods typically use one private good, one public good models in which the public good is produced(More)
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