Ünal Ufuktepe

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Coloring of a graph is an assignment of colors either to the edges of the graph G, or to vertices, or to maps in such a way that adjacent edges/vertices/maps are colored differently. We consider the problem of coloring graphs by using webMathematica which is the new web-based technology. In this paper, we describe some web-based interactive examples on(More)
The theory of time scales was introduced by Stefan Hilger in his Ph. D. thesis in 1988, supervised by Bernd Auldbach, in order to unify continuous and discrete analysis [5]. Measure theory on time scales was first constructed by Guseinov [4], then further studies were made by Guseinov-Bohner [1], Cabada-Vivero [2] and Rzezuchowski [6]. In this article, we(More)