Ümit Aksoy

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Materials and methods: Stool samples from diarrheic patients admitted to Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty were collected on a specifi c day of the week. Stool samples sent to our laboratory from patients aff ected by a diarrhea epidemic in İzmir were also included in the study. A total of 162 stool samples were examined by microscopic and molecular(More)
Lectin, a word of Latin origin, is a substance which is not triggered by antigenic stimulations in the immune system and which combines with an antigen in a way resembling that of an antibody. Accordingly, it can be described as a substance which can agglutinate cells or precipitate glycoconjugates, with a structure resembling a carbohydrate binding protein(More)
In this article, the recent results on basic boundary value problems of complex analysis are surveyed for complex model equations and linear elliptic complex partial differential equations of arbitrary order on simply connected bounded domains, particularly in the unit disc, on unbounded domains such as upper half plane and upper right quarter plane and on(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate Microsporidia spp. parasite, hepatitis A virus (HAV), and norovirus (NoV) contamination in mussels collected from 8 stations in the inner, middle, and outer regions of the Gulf of Izmir. METHODS In this cross-sectional study carried out between August 2009 and September 2010 in the Gulf of Izmir, Turkey, 15 mussels collected from(More)
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