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The possible importance of zinc-oxide-based optoelectronic devices is reviewed in this paper, which places special emphasis on the need to achieve p-type ZnO. ABSTRACT | ZnO is an attractive material for applications in electronics, photonics, acoustics, and sensing. In optical emitters, its high exciton binding energy (60 meV) gives ZnO an edge over other(More)
— Although started as red indicator lights based on the GaP:N system, replacing only the nixie (Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1) tube, LEDs have become quite a high performance device of late and are revolutionizing the display and illumination sectors of our economy. Presently, the GaN based light emitters adorn the automobiles, traffic lights, moving(More)
We report on the tuning of permittivity and permeability of a ferroelectric/ferromagnetic bilayer structure which can be used as a microwave phase shifter with two degrees of tuning freedom. The structure was prepared by the growth of a yttrium iron garnet ͑YIG͒ layer on a gadolinium gallium garnet substrate by liquid phase epitaxy, the growth of a barium(More)
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