Üllar Rannik

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This paper provides the first steps toward a regional-scale analysis of carbon (C) budgets. We explore the ability of the ecosystem model BIOME-BGC to estimate the daily and annual C dynamics of four European coniferous forests and shifts in these dynamics in response to changing environmental conditions. We estimate uncertainties in the model results that(More)
At present a network of over 100 field sites are measuring carbon dioxide, water vapor and sensible heat fluxes between the biosphere and atmosphere, on a nearly continuous basis. Gaps in the long term measurements of evaporation and sensible heat flux must be filled before these data can be used for hydrological and meteorological applications. We adapted(More)
Overview of the field measurement campaign in Hyytï aï a M. Boy et al. Overview of the field measurement campaign in Hyytï aï a M. Boy et al. Abstract As one part of the OSOA (Origin and formation of Secondary Organic Aerosols) project, two intensive field campaigns were conducted in Melpitz, Germany and Hyytï aï a, Fin-land. This paper gives an overview of(More)
Nitrous oxide (N2O) is an important greenhouse gas produced in soil and aquatic ecosystems. Its warming potential is 296 times higher than that of CO2. Most N2O emission measurements made so far are limited in temporal and spatial resolution causing uncertainties in the global N2O budget. Recent advances in laser spectroscopic techniques provide an(More)
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