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Relationship duration and buyer influence in just-in-time relationships
Abstract Heavy investments tailored to a specific JIT-relationship highlight the trade-off between improved value-added and inter-firm dependence in industrial purchasing relationships. The mainExpand
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Large-scale modulation of thermodynamic protein folding barriers linked to electrostatics
Protein folding barriers, which range from zero to the tens of RT that result in classical two-state kinetics, are primarily determined by protein size and structural topology [Plaxco KW, Simons KT,Expand
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General solutions to the single vehicle routing problem with pickups and deliveries
The single vehicle routing problem with pickups and deliveries (SVRPPD) is defined on a graph in which pickup and delivery demands are associated with the customer vertices. The problem consists ofExpand
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Vitellogenin Recognizes Cell Damage through Membrane Binding and Shields Living Cells from Reactive Oxygen Species*
Background: Vitellogenin is a central regulator of honey bee life span by largely unknown mechanisms. Results: Honey bee vitellogenin has membrane affinity that is connected to cell damageExpand
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HAMLET Interacts with Lipid Membranes and Perturbs Their Structure and Integrity
Background Cell membrane interactions rely on lipid bilayer constituents and molecules inserted within the membrane, including specific receptors. HAMLET (human α-lactalbumin made lethal to tumorExpand
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Linking new paradigms in protein chemistry to reversible membrane-protein interactions.
Amphitrophic proteins are soluble, globular proteins that may - under certain conditions - interact reversibly with a plasma membrane. How this apparent duality in the properties of a protein isExpand
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HIV-1 p6 - a structured to flexible multifunctional membrane-interacting protein.
The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) p6 protein has recently been recognized as a docking site for several cellular and viral binding partners and is important for the formation ofExpand
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Deconstructing honeybee vitellogenin: novel 40 kDa fragment assigned to its N terminus
SUMMARY Vitellogenin, an egg-yolk protein precursor common to oviparous animals, is found abundantly in honeybee workers – a caste of helpers that do not usually lay eggs. Instead, honeybeeExpand
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Routing of supply vessels to petroleum installations
Purpose – In the Norwegian oil and gas industry the upstream logistics includes providing the offshore installations with needed supplies and return flow of used materials and equipment. This paperExpand
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The bridges of Königsberg - A historical perspective
The Bridges of Königsberg is one of the most famous problems in graph theory. In the summer of 2005, two of the authors visited Königsberg, now called Kaliningrad. This article provides geographicalExpand
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