Ørjan Bergmann

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Estimating white matter fiber pathways from a diffusion ten-sor MRI dataset has many important applications in medical research. However, the standard approach of performing tracking on single-tensor estimates per voxel is confounded by regions of multiple pathways in different directions. Building on previous work for estimating multiple tensors from MR(More)
A reoccurring theme in the diffusion tensor imaging literature is the per-voxel estimation of a symmetric 3 x 3 tensor describing the measured diffusion. In this work we attempt to generalize this approach by calculating 2 or 3 or up to k diffusion tensors for each voxel. We show that our procedure can more accurately describe the diffusion particularly(More)
During the last ten years or so, diffusion tensor imaging has been used in both research and clinical medical applications. To construct the diffusion tensor images, a large set of direction sensitive magnetic resonance image (MRI) acquisitions are required. These acquisitions in general have a lower signal-to-noise ratio than conventional MRI acquisitions.(More)
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