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Gene expression is regulated by a highly coordinated network of events whose efficiency may constrain the level of expression. Among other factors, natural selection for increased translational efficiency and/or fidelity may shape nucleotide composition and, hence, codon usage during evolution. Previous studies have shown that highly expressed genes in(More)
microRNA expression and sequence analysis database (http://konulab.fen.bilkent.edu.tr/mirna/) (mESAdb) is a regularly updated database for the multivariate analysis of sequences and expression of microRNAs from multiple taxa. mESAdb is modular and has a user interface implemented in PHP and JavaScript and coupled with statistical analysis and visualization(More)
Due to the increase in gene expression data sets in recent years, various data mining techniques have been proposed for mining gene expression profiles. However, most of these methods target single gene expression data sets and cannot handle all the available gene expression data in public databases in reasonable amount of time and space. In this paper, we(More)
Background MicroRNAs, which are small ribonucleic acids that bind to 3'UTR regions of mRNAs by base complementation, play crucial roles in regulation of development and differention [1]. Herein we report on development of a web interfaced database, Bilkent University miRNA Sequence and Expression database [Figure 1; ~koray] that(More)
Dysregulation of PI3K and MAPK pathways promotes uncontrolled cell proliferation, apoptotic inhibition and metastasis. Individual targeting of these pathways using kinase inhibitors has largely been insufficient due to the existence of cross-talks between these parallel cascades. MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNAs targeting several genes simultaneously and(More)
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