Özlem Gürvit

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Based on the VIVENDI-framework for virtual endoscopy, we present a system for the interactive and multi-modal representation of important anatomical structures for neuroendoscopic interventions. A serious problem of neuroendoscopic interventions is the possibility of injuring a blood vessel while performing endoscopic surgery inside the human brain. Besides(More)
With the recent introduction of multi-slice CT which acquire four image slices at the same time (which will increase to 16 image slices in the near future) the possible size of the generated image stack has increased tremendously. Traditional cine mode explorations of the image stack are rendered impractical by the sheer quantity of possible 1000 image(More)
Optical endoscopy suffers from several problems which increase the difficulties of a successful intervention. Among these problems are the limited spatial or depth perception, and the fish-eye effect which virtually flattens the geometry of the anatomical structures. Standard virtual endoscopy is inflicted by similar problems. In this paper, we present(More)
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