Özlem Demirel

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TAPL (ABCB9) is a homodimeric polypeptide translocation machinery which transports cytosolic peptides into the lumen of lysosomes for degradation. Since the function of proteins is strongly dependent on the interaction network involved, we investigated the interactome of TAPL. A proteomic approach allowed identification of the lysosome-associated membrane(More)
Balancing the processes of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) differentiation and self-renewal is critical for maintaining a lifelong supply of blood cells. The bone marrow (BM) produces a stable output of newly generated cells, but immunologic stress conditions inducing leukopenia increase the demand for peripheral blood cell supply. Here we demonstrate that(More)
People with high emotional and social capacity, people who can take them under control, understand and manage emotions of others expertly are more advantageous both in their private and professional lives. Under this scope, in order to investigate the effect of the emotional intelligence of nurses and midwives, who consist an important manpower in the(More)
FLT3 and c-KIT are crucial regulators of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. We investigated the role of STS1 and STS2 on FLT3 and c-KIT phosphorylation, activity, and function in normal and stress-induced hematopoiesis. STS1/STS2-deficient mice show a profound expansion of multipotent progenitor and lymphoid primed multipotent progenitor cells with(More)
Treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors is the standard of care for Philadelphia chromosome positive leukemias. However the eradication of leukemia initiating cells remains a challenge. Circumstantial evidence suggests that the cytokine microenvironment may play a role in BCR-ABL mediated leukemogenesis and in imatinib resistance. Gene expression analyses(More)
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