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Chromohalobacter salexigens (formerly Halomonas elongata DSM 3043) is a halophilic extremophile with a very broad salinity range and is used as a model organism to elucidate prokaryotic osmoadaptation due to its strong euryhaline phenotype. C. salexigens DSM 3043's metabolism was reconstructed based on genomic, biochemical and physiological information via(More)
An alkaline protease producerBacillus licheniformis strain was isolated from Van Lake in Turkey. The strain is Gram positive, aerobic, motile, sporulating rod-shaped bacterium. Spores were ellipsoidal and positioned central in nonswollen sporangium. The cells were able to grow well at a pH range of 5.7–10. The optimal growth temperature was found to be 37(More)
The effect of bioprocess conditions (pH and temperature) on the growth and alkaline protease production of halotolerant Bacillus licheniformis BA17 bioreactor cultures have been systematically analyzed using response surface methodology in order to assess the importance of these generally disregarded parameters. Two models were proposed differing by the(More)
This study aims to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of problem-based learning (PBL) implementations in engineering education and problems encountered in it from the perspectives of tutors and students. A case study design was employed in this study. To this end, four tutors, their five PBL modules, and fourteen students were selected. The data were(More)
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