Özlem Aktas

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Network conditions generally cause errors on network packets. Correction of these errors is in the subject of "forward error correction." Forward error correction is divided into two categories: bit-level forward error correction and packet-level forward error correction. These two categories are unfamiliar. The aim of this study is to make a literature(More)
Requirement specification is one of the most crucial steps in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Well-written requirement documents include expressive keywords such as names of classes, attributes and methods to be used in software design. Knowledge extraction from these documents may be helpful in order to design conceptual model for Object Oriented(More)
One of the major problem faced by banks is how to manage the risk exposure in large portfolios. According to Basel II regulation banks has to measure the risk using Value-at-Risk with confidence level 99%. However, this regulation does not specify the way to calculate Valueat-Risk. The easiest way to calculate Value-at-Risk is to assume that portfolio(More)
Nowadays, Semantic web and ontology applications which came with it, are commonly used in social media, entertainment and shopping sites. But usage of semantic web in education field is limited. Semantic web applications are useful developing tools and ELearning objects can be used for creation and editing. It is important that Individuals on the internet(More)
Analysis, decision making, detecting defects and correcting mistakes is important in software development process. Defects in the code reduce the quality of the software. Peer review is simple but has a huge impact on software quality. Also, peer review destroy defects early, easily, low-cost and efficiently. Code defects must be examined for better(More)
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