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Designing and understanding of diagrammatic representations is a critical issue for the success of software projects because diagrams in this field provide a collection of related information with various perceptual signs and they help software engineers to understand operational systems at different levels of information system development process. Entity(More)
In this paper, NARS (Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System) is discussed in the context of Cognitive Science. NARS is an artificial general intelligence system designed under the assumption that the system usually has insufficient knowledge and resources with respect to the problems to be solved, and must adapt to its environment. Since the human mind was evolved(More)
Turkish Emphatic Reduplication (TER) occurs in adjectives and adverbs to accentuate their meanings. The current experimental study to investigate the selection of the linker type in TER indicated that responses from the participants correlate with some lexical statistics. The result relies on the statistics from a corpus with approximately 2 million Turkish(More)
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