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In robotic assisted beating heart surgery, the control architecture for heart motion tracking has stringent requirements in terms of bandwidth of the motion that needs to be tracked. In order to achieve sufficient tracking accuracy, feed-forward control algorithms, which rely on estimations of upcoming heart motion, have been proposed in the literature.(More)
Automatic gait parameter tuning for biped walking robots is the subject of this thesis. The biped structure is one of the most versatile ones for the employment of mobile robots in the human environment. Their control is challenging because of their many DOFs and nonlinearities in their dynamics. Open loop walking with offline walk pattern generation is one(More)
— In this paper, a novel 5 degrees of freedom (DOF) robot for performing needle based interventions on small animal subjects is presented. The robot can realize dexterous alignment of the needle using two parallel mechanisms, and has a syringe mechanism to insert needles to subjects. Operations on small animals require high accuracy positioning during(More)
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