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A motion analysis which is the topics on video processing, is used for determining an object or a pixel move which direction and how far. During the motion analysis, the pixels sometimes can move less than area of a pixel. In these situations motions should be perceived at micro level. For this, pixels' decimal values which called subpixels must be(More)
Image segmentation is one of the pre-processing steps required to analyze color images. Image segmentation in RGB space, which is performed by using clustering algorithm, is required long computation time even in small images. Another approach that can be used for image segmentation is the histogram-based approach. However, histogram-based approaches can(More)
The FCM4DD fuzzy directional clustering algorithm, a simple, consistent and reliable method, requires the user to predefine the number of clusters. The determination of the number of clusters is very important in an unsupervised clustering algorithm. The number of clusters of directional data can be determined by observing scatter plots which are drawn in a(More)
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