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Recently several trust models have been developed. However, different trust models make different assumptions about agents’ environments, making it difficult to evaluate and compare different models. An accurate examination requires different models to be tested on the same environment and evaluated using precise metrics. For this reason, we adopt wellknown(More)
ORC is an ontology reasoning component that builds upon existing ontology modelling tools and techniques to support the integration and interpretation of multimodal medical information. We show how to embed ORC as a reasoning capability in reactive infrastructure agents that support intelligent agents operating in COMMODITY12, a personal health environment(More)
We study the development of a distributed, agent-based, simulation environment where autonomous agents execute e-commerce contracts. We present a multi-agent architecture in which contracts are represented as a set of commitments that an agent must be capable of monitoring and reason with in order to be able to verify that the contract is not violated(More)
We develop a novel strategy that supports software agents to make decisions on how to negotiate for a resource in open and dynamic e-markets. Although existing negotiation strategies offer a number of sophisticated features, including modelling an opponent and negotiating with many opponents simultaneously, they abstract away from the dynamicity of the(More)
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